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What is an AVL System?

A vehicle's automatic location system is mainly employed for precise, continuous, and real-time tracking and transmission of its geographical position. Additionally, the telemetry module gathers a comprehensive set of data pertaining to both the vehicle and driver activities and performance. This information can be utilized by carriers to enhance their understanding and optimize operational efficiency.

The infrastructure of the AVL system consists of four main elements:

  • The telemetry module for data collection;
  • The SIM card that allows data to be sent to the server via cellular network;
  • The server in charge of receiving and processing the data collected by the module;
  • The telemetry software that gives managers the ability to view data, generate reports and manage data use.
AVL use and features

The ability to locate vehicles in real-time along with the vehicle data collected by the module offers carriers several opportunities to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Tracking and customer service

The AVL system allows carriers to have all the information about each of its vehicles at hand. Thus, detailed tracking of journeys, actions, events and alerts can be carried out, allowing to react quickly and efficiently to any request for information, change requests or complaints from clients.


The data collected by the AVL telemetry module provides a full range of data on the use and performance of vehicles and drivers. For example, real-time and retroactive reports can be generated to analyze the efficiency and performance of transportation activities. Here are some common examples of reports generated using the AVL module.

  • Travel report
  • Motor hour report
  • Speed report
  • Energy consumption report


The ability to track vehicle movements in real time offers a huge advantage in terms of driver safety and merchandise. Accompanied by an alert system, the AVL system allows managers to be aware of any unusual activity and to immediately identify any attempted theft or other dangerous event.

Energy and ecodriving savings

The precision of the data offered by the AVL telemetry box allows us to paint a very accurate picture of the energy consumption of each vehicle. Therefore, the AVL system offers a golden opportunity for carriers to identify vehicles or drivers whose ecodriving performance is unsatisfactory and to understand the reason behind underperforming drivers in order to address them and reduce their carbon footprint.


One of the categories of data collected by the telemetry module is travel data and engine hours. By sending this data to their GMAO system, carriers can benefit from better management of vehicle maintenance processes through real-time alerts that indicate a vehicle's position, maintenance needs (based on mileage and operating hours) and maintenance urgency.


AVL systems are considered the basic tool of vehicular telemetry. Its implementation also opens the door to a series of integrations with other management systems, improving their efficiency as well as the reliability of the data used. The most common integrations include solutions such as the dispatch system, the electronic logging device (or electronic logbook), the electronic driver vehicle inspection report system, the maintenance management system, the inventory management system, payroll and much more.

The benefits
  • In summary, here are the main advantages of an automatic vehicle location system:
  • A clear and simple way to monitor and manage vehicles and drivers
  • An effective safety solution for assets, vehicles and drivers
  • A solid foundation for implementing a comprehensive multi-service data solution
  • A real-time solution that keeps managers up to date with every vehicle and driver
  • The best way to handle complaints and improve customer service

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Speak with one of our experts

Our team of specialists will be happy to help you optimize your operations.