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Operator responsibilities vs. driver responsibilities (use of ELD)

In preparation to the transition to the electronic logbook, it is important to clearly understand the division of responsibilities regarding the proper use of the ELD between the operator and the drivers. This distribution is mainly centered around the legal obligations reserved for the operator as well as those that will affect the driver's daily tasks.

The new regulations require the operator to comply with the following legal obligations:

  • Justify periods of unauthenticated driving time that have not been attributed to drivers
  • Keep activity reports for a minimum period of 6 months (separate systems)
  • Ensure that drivers have the required ELD documentation aboard the vehicles
  • Provide activity reports to an inspector in the case of an audit
  • Understand harassment regulations and and their sanctions
  • Understand and comply with applicable laws
  • Provide and maintain all information related to driver accounts
  • Ensure that drivers are using the ELD with the correct account
  • Review the content of activity reports and suggest changes electronically if necessary
  • Keep the required supporting documents

At the operational level, the operator must also:

  • Support drivers in the daily use of the ELD (level of support S1)
  • Ensure that ELDs are properly installed, properly deployed, in good working order and used safely
  • Create and maintain a collaborative working relationship with the ELD supplier.

As far as the driver is concerned, his responsibilities include:

  • Management of activity changes related to service hours (OFF, SB, D, ON)
  • Annotation of activities when necessary
  • The indication of the location of an activity if it was not recorded automatically
  • Verification or entry of information regarding tractor number, trailer number, bill of lading
  • The allocation of unauthenticated driving time belonging to himself
  • Review of modifications suggested by the operator
  • The transmission of activity reports to roadside inspectors as part of an inspection
  • The certification of each of its activity reports

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Speak with one of our experts

Our team of specialists will be happy to help you optimize your operations.