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Choosing your ELD : developer vs reseller

The importance of the decision between a reseller and a developer for your Electronic Logging Device (ELD) provider cannot be overstated. This choice significantly influences your ability to maximize the benefits of the system and streamline your operations effectively. To ensure that your chosen solution not only meets your current needs but also evolves seamlessly with your business over time, understanding the pivotal differences between a reseller and a developer becomes crucial.
Flexibility and customization of the solution

Transportation companies exhibit significant diversity in their operational contexts, and as such, it is crucial for the selected Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution to be tailored to the unique ecosystem of your company. Providers offering an in-house solution possess greater flexibility to modify and adapt their system, accommodating specific needs when integrating it into your company. On the other hand, resellers offering a solution developed by a third party often rely on their supplier to inquire about the feasibility of customization or adaptation. With limited control over the solution's development and functionality, the reseller cannot assure complete flexibility at this level.

Customer support

After the installation of the system in your vehicles and the training of your team, the expectation is that you have command over your new tool. Nevertheless, technology is seldom infallible, and the likelihood of human error is often present. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure access to a technical support team that is not only reachable but also knowledgeable and proficient. A provider developing its own solution stands a better chance of furnishing an in-house support team well-versed in the product details and possessing swift and comprehensive access to the solution. This enhances the likelihood of promptly diagnosing and resolving issues without the necessity of external intervention.

Product maturity and notoriety

A product available through resellers has already demonstrated its success in the market and enjoys a significant level of recognition. While a product developed by a supplier and its in-house team can match the quality and performance of a resold product, its reliability should be confirmed during your research and discussions with these diverse developer-suppliers. When a product attains a certain level of maturity and is adopted by a substantial user base, enabling it to sustain a reseller-based sales model, it serves as a guarantee that it will deliver a satisfactory level of quality and operational reliability.


As transportation companies heavily rely on a digital ecosystem that interconnects various departments such as maintenance, accounting, and inventory to optimize operations, it's probable that you're already utilizing several digital solutions. When implementing an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution in your company, it is crucial to explore the potential for integration between your existing tools and the new ELD system. A supplier reselling a solution developed by a third party is likely to provide integration with widely used tools and software in the industry. Conversely, a vendor offering an in-house developed solution stands a better chance of providing bespoke integrations tailored to the specific tools already in use within your company or any new tools you plan to adopt in the future.

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Speak with one of our experts

Our team of specialists will be happy to help you optimize your operations.